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Meet Dr. Anthony (Dr. T) Ferrara

Dr. Anthony FerraraWhen you first meet Dr. T, he’s sure to have a big smile on his face. He always conveys positivity and considers himself a very optimistic person. He truly enjoys getting to know patients and learning about what’s brought them in and their health goals.

Growing up With Chiropractic

As his late father was a chiropractor, Dr. T grew up around chiropractic care his entire life and knew he always wanted to go into the medical field. He’s thrilled to serve patients of all ages with natural and effective chiropractic care.

After earning his bachelor’s from the University of North Texas in Denton, Dr. T earned both a master’s and a Doctor of Chiropractic from Parker University in Dallas.

Finding Fulfillment Helping Others

For Dr. T, it’s highly rewarding to help others. “I think there is really no other profession where you get to help people this much by not giving them anything; you’re just helping out the body and giving them any kind of life advice you can.” He loves the holistic approach of chiropractic and enjoys seeing people get out of pain and achieve peak health.


Planting Roots in Arizona

So, why Arizona? Dr. T and his fiance flipped a coin to decide. “After we graduated from chiropractic college, we just knew we wanted to get a big move out of the way. We narrowed it down to the top two, and Arizona was the better half of the two.”

Dr. T is delighted to work with Dr. Marcella at Elite Pain Relief and Wellness. “We clicked from the first time we met, and she’s been awesome every step of the way!”

Enjoying an Active Life

When he’s not at the practice, Dr. T enjoys hiking, fishing, being outdoors, and traveling with his fiance. They also have two fur babies: a chocolate Lab and a Labradoodle.

Get Out of Pain and Feel Great

You deserve to live an active life free of discomfort. Contact Elite Pain Relief and Wellness today to schedule an appointment with Dr. T!



Dr. Anthony Ferrara | (602) 460-3490