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Meet Dr. Leslie Bateman

Dr. LeslieDr. Bateman was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her healthcare journey started in 2011, when she became a Professional Massage Therapist. While she loved working as a massage therapist, Dr. Bateman also attended school and in 2017 she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration and Management from the University of Phoenix. Dr. Bateman then went on to earn her Doctor of Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic (Davenport, IA) in 2021, and moved to the Phoenix area to start as an associate at Elite Pain Relief and Wellness.

Dr. Bateman is eager to serve the community. Her passion for helping others drives her to provide unmatched care through a holistic approach that takes into consideration her patient’s individual concerns and health goals. She believes patient education is part of the process and encourages you to take your health into your own hands. She is ready to work along side you to become your healthiest self.

Dr. Bateman is the youngest of four children and is taller than her three brothers! In her free time Dr. Bateman enjoys being active through the gym, basketball, soccer, billiards, and being outside hiking, kayaking, biking, and soaking up the sun! She loves to cook fresh healthy meals and craft when she has time. Her cat Dolly loves car rides, drinking water from the sink, and staying up all night.

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